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Mass productions can be customized

    Silaki® Mini Handle Air-conditioner

    by Peltier LLC.

    Regular price$79.00 Sale price$99.00 Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
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    product name mini handheld air conditioner Gear
    6 gears
    HL-108 product material
    Product Size 132*57.5*19.5 power supply 5V1A  
    color white product weight 100g
    battery capacity 820mAh charging port



    Summer life renewal artifact
    Let you spend the hottest summer

    The product won the bronze award of China Tourism Commodity Competition

    Product characteristics
    1 second cooling
    3 seconds heating
    Multi-speed adjustment
    easy to carry
    mobile power
    one-button start
    Small size, easy to fit into the bag
    Can hold ice pack or wear

    IKIT's innovative ice-ceramic cooling system, effectively cooling 15-20℃

    One-button control 
    Scientific temperature control, automatic gear adjustment
    Silent running, quiet company